The #Cambssews Frocktails team are incredibly pleased to have Pfaff as one of our headline sponsors. Pfaff’s premium sewing machines are loved by the sewing community. We couldn’t be happier to have Pfaff supporting Frocktails, not least because we can dream of building our sewing machine collections with beautiful Pfaff machines! Their range of sewing machines has something for every sewist; take your sewing adventure to the next level and fuel your creativity!

Fancy getting your hands on your very own Pfaff sewing machine? Read on …

The amazing team at Pfaff have donated a Passport 3.0 sewing machine for the winner of #Cambssews Frocktails ‘Outfit of the Night‘ competition! This compact and portable machine is perfect for bringing along to #Cambssews dressmaking socials and we’re going to be super jealous of the winner! Competition details coming soon…

The Pfaff Passport 3.0 sewing machine presents a world of sewing opportunities.

This machine uses Pfaff’s original integrated Duel Feed system, which feeds layers of fabric evenly, and features 1000 stitches, making it the perfect machine for beginners and more adventurous stitchers alike. Six different presser feet are supplied with the machine and Pfaff’s original presser foot system includes many further options to expand your sewing experience.

This prize is getting us very excited to see all the memade outfits on the red carpet and dreaming up all the amazing outfits we could make with Passport 3.0!

Has seeing the Passport 3.0 got you thinking of upgrading or expanding your sewing machine collection? The experts at Pfaff also recommend the Quilt Ambition 630 as the perfect tool for dressmakers.

Not just for quilters, this machine will help you up your dressmaking game!

Featuring a colour touch screen and the same integrated duel feed system as the Passport 3.0, the large sewing space on the Quilt Ambition 630 takes care of all your larger sewing projects. Try all the 201 stitches and enjoy complete control of your sewing with the speed slider.

PFAFF quilt ambition 630 F&B Images
PFAFF quilt ambition 630 F&B Images

Thank you Pfaff for supporting Cambs Frocktails!

Instagram: @pfaffsewing

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