Wild Orchard

The Frocktails team know there are many people in our local sewing community who want to make their hobby as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible, so we are very pleased to have Wild Orchard Fabric Co. as one of our key sponsors.

The Wild Orchard Fabric Co. is an online shop dedicated to supporting the home sewing community. They sell fabric by the meter, haberdashery kits and sewing project kits. They are an ethically inspired business offering fabrics made with high quality natural fibres, no polyester or poly blends. All their packaging is plastic free and they passionately encourage slow sewing versus fast fashion.

The Frocktails team want to encourage as everyone attending to consider sustainability then planning their outfit and there will be a prize for sustainable sewing on the night. Wild Orchard have provided a £50 voucher for their online shop (Competition details coming soon). That’s got us thinking about all the ways we can make our sewing more sustainable. It’s the perfect opportunity to re-fashion an outfit from some ready-to-wear clothes, or change up something you’ve already #memade to make it Frocktails ready!

For anyone inspired to sew with sustainable fabrics, Wild Orchard will also be offering 30% off in the online shop for everyone attending Frocktails! Can’t wait that long to get you hands on some of the amazing fabric? Wild Orchard have also offered a discount for anyone reading this blog; use the code Frocktails20 for 20% off the website!

If your looking for the perfect fabric for your Frocktails outfit, why not take a look at the gorgeous linens Wild Orchard stock on their website? These high quality Italian linens would make an amazing dress. Our favourite is the beautiful rose colour; a sophisticated rose pink that is sure to make an eye-catching outfit! Check out the linens in the collection here: https://www.wildorchardfabric.uk/woven-fabric?category=Linen

The Frocktails also recommend you check out the Wild Orchard Fabric Co. blog. Get inspiration for makes with the stunning sustainable fabrics available in the online shop. Check out the blog here: https://www.wildorchardfabric.uk/blog

Thank you Wild Orchard Fabric Co. for supporting Cambssews Frocktails!

Website: www.wildorchardfabric.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/wildorchardfabric
Instagram: @wildorchardfabric

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